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TRIUMPH Cattery — Canadian Sphynx Kittens From Russia!

TRIUMPH Canadian Sphynx Cattery welcomes you!

It is with great pleasure that we welcome You to the website of the TRIUMPH professional cattery (formerly the Canadian Sphynx cattery). The closed-type cattery is located in Velikiye Luki, Pskov region, Russia, and our kittens can come to any place in Russia or any other country in the world. Our cattery is officially registered in the BAST CENTER (WAC World Association Cats) — the international Association of cat lovers.

My name is Natalia Lobazkina, I am the head of the cattery, I have been engaged in the exotic breed of cats Canadian Sphynx since 2018. If you came to my site — it means you were looking for…

Then, like me, I somehow looked into these eyes and realized that it was impossible to pass by this miracle. I will be happy to share and tell you about these unreal and magical cats.

It happens once, after it seems to you that you know about cats as if everything: they read, lived in the house, fluffy, sleeps on the couch…

All of a sudden, like a shot — eyes to the very heart, my God, and what ears, and what a hot body, it’s also getting naughty, I don’t want to let go … endless trust in a person, absolutely alien appearance. But the main feature of the Canadian sphinxes is curiosity.

No other breed has such a strong desire to stick its nose everywhere. Combine here the lack of aggressiveness, friendliness, incredible contact and a cheerful disposition. multiply by your constant readiness to play, bring an aport, jump without releasing a single claw directly on your shoulder and arrange a swara for a place on your mother’s knees. I told only a tiny part about the Canadian Sphinxes …

We adore all our animals … The best conditions and food. We live in a house and our cats have a place to run. the purpose and essence of all the nursery’s work is the development of the Canadian Sphynx breed, obtaining strong healthy offspring that meets international standards, and popularizing the breed. I really want that any person who decides to take a cat to his house should also be stunned in admiration when he sees the Canadian Sphinx, as I once froze. Nature sometimes gives us presents …

You can see and buy the Canadian Sphynx kitten from our cattery on the Kittens page. You can leave a request for a cat or just contact me and ask all your questions about the breed, about caring for your new family member.

Canadian Sphynx Kittens From Russia! How To Buy A Kitten?

Address: 182106, Russia, Pskov region, Velikiye Luki, Sredny proezd, 3

Mobile phone: +7 (921) 501-41-92 (we use WhatsApp!)

Email: lobazkina@bk.ru

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